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Vozye Timesheet 2.61 Date Selection Issue

Customers, who are using Vozye Timesheet 2.61 or prior version, may face issue in selecting date in Time Entry and Expense Entry date picker. This issue has already been resolved in latest version.

This issue can be resolved in 2.61 version files by modifying these files.

  • Employee\AccountEmployeeTimeEntryDayView.aspx
  • Employee\AccountEmployeeTimeEntryWeekView.aspx
  • Employee\Controls\ctlAccountExpenseEntryList.ascx


  1. Open above mentioned file one by one in notepad.
  2. Search word UpperBoundDate using Notepad find option. You will find UpperBoundDate with its value like 
  3. Remove UpperBoundDate tag with its value also.
  4. Save this file.
  5. Do this same steps with all files mentioned above.

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