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Setting up Windows Authentication with automatic login in Vozye Timesheet?

Vozye Timesheet supports IIS "Windows Authentication" since version 4.9. Administrator can setup automatic login of users also, if users are already logged-in in Active Directory on their workstations.

Setting Required in Vozye Timesheet:

  • Open System Setting page
  • Check on "Windows Authentication" and then click on update.

How to enable Windows Authentication in IIS:

Automatic Login Instructions from IE:

  • In Internet Explorer, please go to the Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab and check the “Enable Integrated Windows Authentication” check-box.
  • Next, switch to the security tab and click Local Intranet -> Custom Level and select “Automatic log-on with current user name and password” (under User Authentication, Log-on).
  • Click OK on all windows and restart Internet Explorer (close all IE windows and open it again).
  • See if you can automatically login to Vozye Timesheet. If not, perform step 2 on the Internet Zone as well and try again.
  • By default the NTLM protocol in Windows 7 is disabled. This protocol is required by Vozye Timesheet to enable SSO. In order to enable SSO on windows 7 systems, please follow the below instructions:
  • Go to Local Security policy > Security settings > local policies > security options
  • Select Network security > Lan manager Authentication level and change it to "Send LM & NTLM responses".

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