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Task Setup

Projects can contain many tasks and up to ten hierarchical levels. Every employee who is assigned to a project can create task of that particular project. Administrator can customize task add permission using [Role Permission] option available in admin options.

More about task:

1. Task is the main source of project time sheet. Time entry can only be entered for a task of any project. [Administrator] should create projects and define project manager and team lead of projects. 

2. [Administrator] or [Project Manager] or [Team Lead] can then define "Project Team".

3. [Project Manager] and [Team Lead] then can create project tasks and assign them to project team in order to allow employees to enter time entry for that task.

4. Only user who is part of project team can add new task in a project.

5. A task can be created using [All Employee Task] checked. All employee tasks appear in time entry of all team members of project.

6. A task can be created using [All Project Task] checked. All project task appear in time entry of all projects.

7. A task can be created using both [All Employee Task] and [All Project Task] checked. Those task then will be appeared for all projects and in all employees time entry.

8. Every task has their own status, priority, completed %, completed fields to monitor task progress for team collaboration purpose. 

9. Every task has two fields Estimated Cost and Estimated Time spent for budgeting purpose.

11. Project manager can categorize their project tasks in different milestones (phases) for easier monitoring of individual milestones (phases) and then at project at root level.

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