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Restore Vozye Timesheet Database backup created using SQLBackupFTP

Using below mentioned script in "SQL Server Management Studio", Vozye Timesheet database backup created using SQLBackupFTP utility, can be restored in SQL Server. You should have either same version or later version of Vozye Timesheet on system where you are trying to restore database backup.

Here are the instructions for restoring database backup.

  1. Extract database backup to any temporary folder.
    2. Download and install Free SQL Server Management Studio Express.
    3. Launch SQL Server Management Studio. 
    4. In "Connect to Server" dialog box, enter server name as ".\Vozye Timesheet". Select "Windows Authentication" in authentication. And then click on "Connect" button.
    5. Click on "New Query" button in SQL Server Management Studio toolbar.
    6. Now copy below mentioned query and paste it in query area.

RESTORE DATABASE [Vozye Timesheet] FROM DISK = N'D:\BackupLocation\Vozye Timesheet201009140218\Vozye Timesheet201009140218.bak' WITH FILE = 1, NOUNLOAD, REPLACE, STATS = 10

Where "D:\BackupLocation\Vozye Timesheet201009140218\Vozye Timesheet201009140218.bak" should be location of database backup file extracted from backup zip.

  1. Click on "Execute" button in management studio to execute this query.
    8. Rename file "Vozye Timesheet\App_Data\" to "ExecuteScript.sql".
    9. Launch Vozye Timesheet on your new server. This will launch Vozye Timesheet using restored database.

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