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Update billing rates in already entered time entries?

There are four different types of billing rate types configurable at project level. Billing rates can be defined with its applicable date range with complete history. Timesheet then pick billing rate based on time entry date from billing rate history defined at employee level, project role level or project employee level. 

Important points to conisder.

1. Vozye Timesheet picks billing rate based on whatever billing rates are configured with different types of billing rates types at project level.

2. In case, if a task is defined as "Non-Billable", Vozye Timesheet pick "0" billing rate for all time entries of that task.

3. Vozye Timesheet also pick 0 billing rate, if billing rate is configured incorrectly before entering time entry records.

4. To fix existing records which are appearing with 0 billing rate in reports or with incorrect billing rates, Administrator can just edit billing rate history records for that period with [Update all records within this range] checkbox as checked. This will update billing rates of already entered time entry records with updated billing rate.

For more information about how to update and manage billing rate histories:

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