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Unsubmitting and Reopening Timesheets

Vozye Timesheet Administrator can un-submit or un-approve user time entries using [TimeEntry Archive] option available in [Admin Options]. Unsubmitting/Unapproving a single record will open whole week of time entry of that particular user. User can update his time entry by login-in using his own username and password and can update any entry in whole week. He can then re-submit this whole week for approval. 


1. Using [Time Entry Archive], administrator can search records which he want to change using different filter options available.

2. Click on [Edit] on record on which administrator wants to change approval or submitted flag of a time entry.

3. Uncheck [Approved] or [Submitted] flag as per your requirements in that time entry row.

4. Click on [Update] link for that time entry archive record to update this record. This will remove that same approved or submitted flag in whole week.

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