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5 Productivity Tips for Startup Founders

Follow these productivity tips to get more out of your day

17 Jun 2015

Running a startup is not an easy job. As soon as you jump into the startup world, you develop this enormous pressure to generate revenue, in order to keep your startup alive. You not only have to delegate tasks to your employees, but also have to stay productive yourself to make sure you’re leading by example. Startup founders who persist and maintain a laser-sharp focus each day are the ones who usually succeed.

If you’re a startup founder, follow these 5 simple productivity tips to get more out of your day.

Do the most difficult task first:

Our brain is super productive right after we wake up. Instead of checking emails, try and deal with the not-so-fun tasks as a top priority. Make this your routine to finish the tasks you dread the most first. You will be surprised to see how easy it is to tackle the remaining work during the rest of your day.

Exercise each morning:

We all know how important exercise is for our body. Make exercise as a part of your work. It will significantly improve your productivity and give you that mental stamina to cope with the anxiety and stress that comes with running a startup.

Get 8-10 hours of sleep:

Not matter how important you think your work is, never comprise on 8-10hrs of sleep. It is crucial for every startup founder to have sufficient sleep each night in order to stay productive. Lack of sleep promotes poor decision making which can ruin your startup.

Arianna Huffington once said 
“Get enough sleep and you will be more productive, more effective, and more likely to enjoy your life.”

Track time spent on each task:

Time management is the key to success for any startup. Use
timesheet management software to track the time spent on each task by yourself and your employees. Proactively monitoring time will allow you to figure out the most time consuming tasks and make room for improvement. 

Cut down distractions:

If you’re running a startup make sure your every second of your time is spent only on the things that matter. Cut down every distraction while working. Make sure you and your team isn’t spending anytime on social media sites. Eliminating distractions will improve the productivity of your startup and allow you to get more done in less time.

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