EzyTime system settings

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EzyTime System Settings

Specifying System parameters:

System configuration page can be launch from [Start --> All Programs --> EzyTime --> System Configuration] on system where EzyTime is installed. System setting can be open directly by opening this URL in your browser.


Defining System parameters:

 Authentication Type

EzyTime supports two types of authentication.  One is default database based authentication.  Using default authentication, user can login in EzyTime using their own username and password defined in EzyTime application by Administrator. Second is [Active Directory Authentication] where user can login in EzyTime using their corporate Active Directory username and password.  

 System Admin Password

EzyTime allows only system administrator user for accessing system configuration page.  System administrator username is "SysAdmin".  Administrator can access system configuration area by entering username as "SysAdmin" and its password.

 SMTP Server

SMTP Server name which you are using in your organization for sending emails.

 SMTP Username

Username of SMTP server if any (optional)

 SMTP Server Password

Password of SMTP server (optional)

 SMTP Port Number

SMTP default port is 25.  You can change it to some other port if smtp server is configured on some other port other than 25.

 Application URL

URL of EzyTime application which is accessible from your organization or from users from internet.  It can be either local computer name of system where EzyTime is installed  or it can be IP address of server or it can be full domain name.

 Connection String

This is SQL Server connection string.  By default, EzyTime installation always install SQL Server 2008 Express edition on local server.