EzyTime has a unique web based approach, which enable businesses to track time up to a single minute detail.

Employee Attendance Management

EzyTime attendance solution has a slick and user-friendly interface which allows you to easily view and manage the attendance of your employees. Our mobile app gives you the ability to track and manage your employees from anywhere in the world. EzyTime empowers you with the information you need to make real time decisions to improve the workflow of your company.

Employee attendance inquiry

With our employee attendance inquiry you can view the list of all your employees, their clock in and clock out, as well as their availability status all in one place. Employers and managers can also generate their employee’s attendance data of any day of the month. All you have to do is enter a few details like employee ID and employee code and let our app do the rest.

  • *   A single click punch-in and punch-out.
  • *   Quick over view of all your employee’s timings.
  • *   Employees can also view their own attendance record.
  • *   Employees need to achieve accrual amounts over a specific time period.
  • *   Easy access to data from any day of the month.
  • *   User-friendly interface, accurate data.

Timesheet Employee Attendence

Timesheet Employee Attendence

Attendance management from phone

Our mobile app allows you to clock in and clock out with a single tap. If you have a remote team and you need to track their attendance, EzyTime mobile apps provides your employees to clock in and out from anywhere in the world. Our app eradicates the chances of fake attendance marking by tracking IP addresses.

  • *   Location based attendance tracking.
  • *   Check availability of your employees on-the-go.
  • *   Send a message or call directly using the mobile app.