EzyTime has a unique web based approach, which enable businesses to track time up to a single minute detail.

Email Notification

EzyTime allows you to set email notifications for every single activity. Whether you’re trying to get notified every time your employees clock in or when they finish a task you assigned, our email notification feature can be used for every small or big activity within EzyTime.

Enable/Disable email notification for every activity

EzyTime notifies each user with email regarding their new task, timesheet dues, approvals and related activities

  • *   Enable / disable options of email notifications at project level, employee level and system level
  • *   Task add/update notification.
  • *   Pending time entry notification
  • *   Timesheet approved notification.
  • *   Timesheet rejected notification.

Timesheet Email Notification

Timesheet Time Off

Receive notifications for each activity

With this feature, your employees get to choose whether they want to be notified for each activity or not. Admins can also set notifications at every stage of the project, to stay in-line with their team. This feature makes EzyTime different from many other time management solutions out there.