EzyTime has a unique web based approach, which enable businesses to track time up to a single minute detail.

Mobile Application

To make sure our product is accessible by any startup or brand trying to be better at time management, we have also developed an iOS and responsive web version of EzyTime. Our android version of EzyTime is also in the development stages and will be launched very soon.

iOS Application

With the help of our iOS application, you can easily punch in/punch out attendance from your phone. Our app has a user-friendly interface which allows you to login using the same credentials as web. You can also update your profile, fill in your daily tasks and set your current work status.

  • *   You can easily login to iOS app using the same credentials as web.
  • *   Employees can punch in/punch out attendance.
  • *   Task punch with summary directly from phone.
  • *   View attendance of your employees.
  • *   Update your EzyTime profile
  • *   Change password
Vozye IOS
Vozye IOS

Location based tracking

The good thing about our app is that you can track your employees from any location. Our mobile application has a simple navigation which makes it easy to view attendance of your employees, view attendance history of any working day and punch tasks with summary directly from your phone. Your employees can also claim expense during their visit to different locations which eventually makes it easy to manage expenses for the company.

  • *   Location based tracking of employees
  • *   Check your total attendance hours.
  • *   Change host
  • *   Report a problem.
  • *   User-friendly and simple navigation
  • *   View attendance history of any working day
  • *   Refine attendance
  • *   Set your current status (available, busy, away)