EzyTime has a unique web based approach, which enable businesses to track time up to a single minute detail.

Time and Attendance Kiosk

We offer easy integration to your kiosk which helps track the clock on/clock off timings of your employees. Our kiosk integration software has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to manage the start/end timings of employees shift. Our kiosk integration software runs centrally on your server which allows the privacy of your company’s data. Vozye kiosk ties well with time and attendance, along with every other automation features. It increases the organization’s efficiency and saves a lot of precious time making companies more productive.

EzyTime kiosk has the following 5 key features

  1. To maintain a detail record of time and attendance kiosks.
  2. Provisioning employees with their monthly time and attendance record.
  3. Automated launching the kiosk on startup of your system
  4. Integration of kiosk which tracks the clock in/out timings directly from the device implemented in any organization. Software is tested and works perfectly with thumb, face detection or any other form of device.
  5. Timesheets entries are created automatically transferred as soon as an employee clocks in from the device.