EzyTime has a unique web based approach, which enable businesses to track time up to a single minute detail.

Security & Privacy

EzyTime’s security and privacy feature gives you the ability to select who can view project items, including tasks, messages, files, comments and notebooks.

Security & privacy control

The most trusted feature of EzyTime is its privacy and security control. EzyTime gives you ultimate control over privacy and security. No one can view, edit and monitor a timesheet until you allow them to.

  • *   Create a role based security plan with a customized authority.
  • *   Active directory integration.
  • *   LDAP / OpenLDAP Integration.
  • *   Audit Trail.

Timesheet Time Off

Timesheet Time Off

Role permission

EzyTime gives you complete authority of your security. You have the option to make certain features visible to certain people. It is totally up to you to authorize to which employee views which project, task or any feature of the product.